color grading

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Davinci Resolve DCTLs

DCTLs, also known as Davinci Color Transform Language, is a programming language designed for creating custom effects and tools. Feel free to check out these DCTLs I made specifically for everyday color grading tasks.

Film Saturation Emulation

              regular saturation | film saturation emulation

This Saturation DCTL enables you to easily achieve rich levels of saturation without worrying about any color clipping in any channel. Thanks to its logarithmic curve, this awesome tool retains all the intricate details, giving your images a stunning, film-like appearance with intense and vibrant saturation. Also you get an overlay to see your changes based on a curve function.

Adjustable Grey Card

Think of it as your trusty grey card, but with added perks. Not only does it allow you to fine-tune the black and white levels, but you also have the flexibility to adjust the displayed steps of dynamic range.

Animatable Letterbox

before | after   

This ist simply a Letterbox DCTL with presets of all the common formats (Scope, CinemaScope, Netflix, Flat, HDTV, iMax, Academy, Square, Instagram, Tim Tok), but this DCTL takes it a step further by being fully animatable. Now, you can dynamically adjust your aspect ratio using keyframes right on the color page.

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   vorher | nachher